Andersons Lab Bed-o’Cobs 1/4″

Bed O'Cobs 1/4"

Bed-o’Cobs 1/4″

Lab Supply is proud to provide a number of great products for laboratory animals. We have a wide selection of bedding products for all sorts of animals including rodents, canines, guinea pigs, and primates. Bed-o’Cobs  1/4″ is a perfect bedding for mice, rats, guinea pigs and other rodents. This high-quality bedding from Anderson Lab Bedding will not stick to the cages, will resist flooding, and is very absorbent. This product is very environmentally friendly because it is renewable, biodegradable, incinerable, and compostable. This product is a great bedding for rodents and is highly recommended by many in the industry. Click here to view our inventory of rodent beddings.

If you have any questions about this great product then please call our store at: 800-262-5258 or click here to visit our contact us page.


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