LabDiet Rodent 5001

Rodent 5001LabDiet Rodent 5001 is a standard rodent feed that is recommended for mice, rats, hamsters and gerbils. This is a highly trusted product among many laboratories and has been used in animal research for over 65 years. LabDiet Rodent 5001 is made from the highest quality minerals to ensure that there will be little to no biological variation in the long-term studies of the animals. This product has many features including: the minimization of nutritional variation, high protein to ensure performance, and a formula that is usable by multiple species. LabDiet Rodent 5001 is the industry standard for rodent feeds and is sure to be a product that you can trust. If you would like to view the nutritional information on LabDiet Rodent 5001, then please click here to view the Product PDF.

Lab Supply is proud to provide a number of high-quality LabDiet products. If you would like to learn more about the product listed above or other LabDiet Rodent Feeds that we offer, then please click here to view our Rodent Feeds.

If you would like more information or wish to order LabDiet Rodent 5001 then please call our store at: 800-262-5258. We are located in Fort Worth, Texas.



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