LabDiet Monkey Diet Jumble and Monkey Diet

LabDiet Monkey Diet Jumble and Monkey Diet

A complete life-cycle diet for all Old World Primates is paired with LabDiet Monkey Diet and its companion LabDiet Monkey Diet Jumble. This diet is a high-energy formula that reinforces post-partum reproduction, while delivering Constant Nutrition. In long-term studies, LabDiet Monkey Diet is complete with the selection of highest quality ingredients to assure minimal inherent biological variation. This formula has many benefits including; stabilized vitamin C added to prevent scurvy, supplies vitamin D needs of all Old World Primates and is highly palatable, readily consumed. Both diets are identical in formulation. LabDiet Monkey Diet Jumble features a larger size biscuit. If you would like to view the nutritional information, click here.

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