PicoLab Rodent Diet 20

LabDiet PicoLab Rodent Diet 20 is 20% protein diet formulated for rat, hamster and mouse breeding colonies. This formula is has been uniquely paired with Constant Nutrition and selections of the highest quality of ingredients to assure minimal inherent biological variation, according to long-term studies.  Highly recommended for rat and mice breeding colonies not requiring a higher energy diet. LabDiet PicoLab Rodent Diet 20 eliminates the need for autoclaving by irradiation, giving reliable microbial control. This 3-ply packaging provides virtually bacteria-free dietary control. If you would like to view the nutritional information on this diet, click here to view nutritional information.

Lab Supply is proud to provide a number of high quality LabDiet Products. Learn more about this product or other LabDiet Rodent Feeds that we offer on our website.

If you would like to order LabDiet PicoLab Rodent Diet 20 then please call our store at: 800-262-5258. We are located in Fort Worth, Texas.

For any additional information or questions about LabDiet PicoLab Rodent Diet 20, contact us here.


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