Medical Grade Gloves

Medical Grade GlovesAs you know, animal facilities can be a very messy place. That is why Lab Supply is proud to provide a complete line of Personal Protection Equipment to laboratory facilities in the surrounding areas. We have a full line of medical grade disposable gloves to cater to your needs. We offer the standard powder free latex gloves in a variety of sizes. Lab Supply also has latex-free, powder free nitrile gloves for those that have a latex allergy. These gloves are perfect for animal care facilities because they are low cost and easily disposable. These gloves are now available through our online store. If you would like to view the prices of the gloves or order them online, then please click here to visit our online store.

If you have any questions about these Medical Grade Gloves or any of the other PPE we offer, then please call our store at 800-262-5258, or click here to visit our contact us page.


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