Paper Bedding

Lab supply provides bedding from Shepherd Specialty Papers and Andersons Lab Bedding.

These consist of:

ALPHA-Dri™The best bedding material available. Made from alpha cellulose, ALPHA-Dri is exceptionally absorbent and always consistent. The bright, white color aids in animal observation. Can be used as  contact bedding or as a tray lining. Autoclavable.

 Ferret Paper BeddingALPHA-dri® + PLUS™: combines both bedding and nesting materials all in one. Mini-rolls of multi-layered virgin paper cut into short lengths are added to give the animals nesting material which enhances their nest building instincts.


 ALPHA-twist™: is comprised of twisted multi-layered paper that is chopped into short lengths. Once in a cage, rodents unfurl and manipulate them into fluffy nests.



pureocel pic

  •  Developed to meet or exceed the most discerning requirements of animal researchers, toxicology labs and GLP studies.
  •   Precision manufacturing of 1/4″ paper squares assures consistent and reliable in-cage performance.Higher absorption than other paper squares.
  •  Our larger 1/4″ size offers 75% more surface area than typical squares.
  •  Proven characteristics make it the ideal product for repiratory studies and nude/hairless mice.
  • Animal discharges are instantly noticed on the virgin, white paper for quick health checks.



enrichnpure pic

  • This blend of Enrich-n’Nest paper rolls and Pure-o’Cel paper squares provides excellent opportunities for animal nesting and burrowing
  • Promotes animal activity and specie specific behavior
  • Made of 100% virgin paper
  • Perfectly suited for toxicology work and GLP studies



enrichnnest picEnrich-N’Nest:

  • Promotes animal activity and well-being
  • Decreases stress, allowing for more effective lab specimens and studies
  • Satisfies animals’ natural instincts to nest and burrow
  • Aids in thermoregulation
  • Promotes specie specific behavior


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