Wood Chip Bedding For Rodents

Wood Chip BeddingLab Supply is proud to provide a full line of Aspen Wood Chip Bedding for rodents and other small animals from P.W.I. This bedding is great for all caged rodents including rats, mice, guinea pigs, gerbils and many more. This high quality bedding is highly recommended by others in the laboratory animal industry. This wood chip bedding is heat-treated to improve the absorbency and reduce the bacteria levels in the cages. In addition to the health benefits of this bedding, it is also highly recommended because of the natural and comfortable environment it creates for the rodents. Click here to see our inventory of rodent bedding.

If you would like samples of this product or would like more information on the price and how to order, then please call our store at 800-262-5258 or please click here to visit our Contact Us page.