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Enviro-dri® Features:

• Consistent quality – Enviro-dri® is a controlled, manufactured product made up of 50% recycled paper and 50% virgin kraft paper fibers to ensure consistent, high quality.

• Dust Elimination – Enviro-dri® is made of cleanly cut 1/8-inch strips of paper fibers, which means dust is virtually
eliminated. Respiratory ailments and other problems resulting from competing compressed cotton squares are eliminated by using Enviro-dri®.

• Enhances Nest Building – Loose paper strands of paper cater to rodent’s species specific
behavior of nest building.

• Eliminates Limb Entanglement – Cotton threads commonly found in competing compressed cotton squares, have been shown to cause limb entanglement problems with pups. Since Enviro-dri® is made of 100% paper, this health concern is eliminated.

• Availability – Enviro-dri is available in either natural or white grades both packaged in compressed 10 or
25 pound cartons.

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  • Mice build nests with the crinkle cut, naturalistic paper strands
  • Aids in thermoregulation
  • Offers enrichment for multiple animals in cage
  • Also the perfect enrichment for rats


  • Allows for tunnelling and foraging
  • Strands stay fluffed for optimum play

Dust-Free Performance

As a 100% virgin paper product, there are no cotton fibers or strands to irritate the animals.

Two Color Choices

Available in natural kraft or white paper.

Environmentally Friendly

Manufactured from paper which is biodegradable and incinerable.

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Perfect nesting material for mice, hamsters, gerbils, rats, rabbits and other small animals.
Chemically inert, odorless and non-ingestible.
Made of pulped virgin cotton fiber – clean, dust-free and autoclavable.
Each carton (22” x 12” x 12”) contains 100 sheets, 12” x 12”, scored to break easily into a total of 3600 individual Nestlets, each 2” square.


Portion Controlled
Provides consistent amount of nesting material to every cage, every time
Each 8 gram Bed-r’Nest provides animals with industry recommended amount of nesting material

Easy To Dispense
No pulling, tearing or prepping
Quick and easy to add to cage, resulting in labor savings

Immediately Accessible Material
With no outer shell or material to work through, Bed-r’Nest’s nesting material is immediately accessible to animals.

Virgin Kraft Paper
Bed-r’Nest is made of 100% virgin kraft paper, and is designed to resemble the thin strands of grass and other materials mice instinctively use to build nests in nature.

Bed-r’Nest is irradiated, ensuring safe and variable-free nesting material for animals.

Virtually Dust-Free
As a virtually dust-free product, Bed-r’Nest avoids clogging air filters, and eliminates eye irritations for nude and hairless mice.

Cost Savings
Bed-r’Nest provides the ability to transfer the animals’ nest during cage change and use the nest more than once. Re-using the nest through cage change transfers animals’ smells and familiarity to the new cage, reducing stress during the cage change process.

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