Untreated technical-grade DACB without the antibiotic neomycin.

 Shepherd’s familiar DACB (deotized animal cage board) is also available as an untreated technical-grade cage board. Techboard-as its sister product Techsorb-contains no antibiotic neomycin, but it delivers the same

efficiency and convenience of the original DACB.


• High absorbency. Techboard’s top layer is waffled and highly absorbent. It reduces liquid runoff and movement of fecal material. Wastes and soiled boards are easier to remove.

• Labor/cost savings. Depending on the animal population, Techboard may be replaced every 3 to 4 days instead of daily Techboard sheets generally last longer and require less time to change than other cage liners.

• Dust elimination. Techboard will not contribute to dust in the air as does loose litter.

• Easier handling. Semirigid sheets make handling easy. There are no small particles common to shavings or ground materials.


• Custom sizing. Techboard is cut to the requirements of the customer and is available in a wide range of sizes.

• Additional Heavier Grades. Techboard K52 and Techboard II offer higher absorbency and durability while providing similar advantages to the standard grade.

Please call to obtain pricing or sampling.


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