• ALPHA-dri Plus Bedding

ALPHA-dri Plus Bedding

Eliminate the additional cost for adding nesting materials to the cage. Shepherd ALPHA-dri Plus Bedding combines both bedding and nesting materials all in one. Mini-rolls of multi-layered virgin paper cut into short lengths are added to give the animals nesting material which enhances their nest building instincts.

This is a two for one advantage: you get all the benefits of the Industry’s leading premium laboratory animal bedding material - PLUS Enrichment:

  • Shepherd’s ALPHA-dri is the first bedding material of precisely defined composition and exceptional absorbency.
  • The clean and most consistent bedding material available today.
  • A bedding material with exceptionally low overall dust content.
  • ALPHA-dri does more with less material.
  • Provides superb, cost-effective enrichment.
  • Uniform particle size means consistent bedding performance and a reduction in leaky water valves.
  • Defined composition assures accurate control of variables which makes ALPHA-dri the first choice for GLP research.
  • The same rigorous Continuous Quality Monitoring as our other bedding materials, cage liners, and enrichment items.

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