• Nepco Laboratory Grade Pine Shavings 321

Standard Particle Size

  • Less than 5% retained on a one inch x one inch screen
  • Less than 3% passes a #20 ASTM Sieve

Moisture Content — 9 ± 3%

Package Size —8.0 Cubic Feet loose, compressed to 2.6 cubic feet

Package Type

  • Two-ply autoclavable paper bag
  • All bags are production date coded for inventory control

Laboratory Analysis

  • Performed annually; results are available upon request
  • Consistently meets or exceeds industry standard contaminant specifications for contact bedding

Nepco Laboratory Pine Shavings 321 is compatible with all animals, including transgenic breeds.

  • Promotes animal activity and well-being, helps decrease stress and aids in thermoregulation
  • Heat-treated to reduce bacteria and enhance absorbency
  • Proven track record of superior performance
  • Aspirated to remove dust
  • Regular changing prevents the development of ammonia
  • Creates a comfortable habitat with a natural appearance while satisfying animals’ natural instincts to nest and burrow

RAW MATERIAL: Virgin, debarked northern white pine

8.0 cubic feet loose, compressed to 2.6 cubic feet

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