• Clear Handling Tube Clip-on

Clear Handling Tube Clip-on

Research has shown that picking up mice by the tail induces aversion and high anxiety and generally should be avoided. Therefore, Datesand has developed the reusable 3mm fit for purpose clip-on Clear Handling Tubes. The tubes can be clipped onto cage bars, providing enrichment for mice as well as being an extremely useful tool for technicians. We offer 3 different sized handling tubes depending on your needs, including these 110mm clip-on tubes and regular 100mm and 130mm tubes. Although handling tunnels do not have to be present in the home cage to be effective, having a handling tunnel in the home cage increases recognition of a familiar safe site as well as providing cage enrichment. – (www.nc3rs.org.uk/handling-and-restraint) The elevated handling tube will minimize the risk of accidental cage flooding.

  • Clips on to cage bars
  • Bidirectional fitting.
  • Made from 3mm thick clear polycarbonate
  • High-Grade Polycarbonate
  • Injection moulded for smoother edges
  • 50mm inside diameter
  • Reduces handling anxiety and stress
  • Makes animal observations easier
  • Reduces the risk of being bitten
  • Minimal physical contact required
  • Autoclavable at 121ºC and cagewasher safe

Dimensions:  110 x 50mm OD 3mm wall thickness

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