Combination Bedding

Lab Supply offers combination bedding from Shepherd Specialty Papers and The Andersons Lab Bedding.

These include:



Swine Combination Bedding

  • With the addition of Enrich-n’Nest’s paper rolls, this blend provides the base for animal housing
  • Promotes healthy animal activity
  • Caters to the animals’ natural nesting and shelter-building instincts
  • Addresses thermoregulation concerns
  • Bed-o’Cobs delivers excellent bottom-up absorption
  • Promotes a healthy, clean environment




  • bedocob.purocelWith the addition of Pure-o’Cel’s paper squares, this bedding promotes specie specific behavior
  • Produces healthier, less stressed animals
  • Takes away the dominant mouse, as all cage mates can sort
  • Precision manufacturing of 1/4″ paper squares assures consistent and reliable in-cage performance
  • Our larger 1/4″ paper squares offer 75% more surface area than typical squares, providing higher absorption capabilities
  • Bed-o’Cobs is proven to encapsulate odor-causing animal waste and neutralize the smell of ammonia



Shepherd’s Cob + PLUS:


Eliminate the additional cost for adding nesting materials to the cage. Shepherd’s™ Cob + PLUS™combines both bedding and nesting materials all in one. Mini-rolls of multi-layered virgin paper cut into short lengths are added to give the animals nesting material which enhances their nest building instincts.



ALPHA-dri/Cob Blend:


This Specialty Blend is comprised 50% by volume of ALPHA-dri® which absorbs over 300% of its weight. This means it is one of the most absorbent bedding  materials available today.It  as been scientifically documented that the ammonia produced in micro-isolation cages containing our Specialty Blend was the lowest of all tested bedding materials – even lower than either ALPHA-dri® or corn cob alone.


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