Karena Thek, Bio-Serv ( Enrichment )


Karena Thek, Bio-Serv ( Enrichment )
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Karena started her education focused on human psychology and management practices. She recently completed her MBA and CMAR certification. She was given the opportunity to work with Bio Serv and was thrown into a new direction. Instantly she was drawn to the animals and became dedicated in the promotion of good animal welfare practices. She is currently Bio Serv’s Enrichment Specialist and Sales Manager. Many graduate classes, seminars and years of travel both domestic and internationally, she finds her experience has grown and continues to grow each day. Her desire and passion are still the same;
Bio Serv specializes in custom, medicated and special needs animal diets as well as enrichment products for all laboratory animals for over 35 years. It is made up of a great team of professionals consisting of experts is veterinary care, nutrition and behavior.good animal welfare and the promotion of education in animal behavior for all within the research community.

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