We Are An Alliance of Proven Suppliers. Supply warehouse. We Back Each Other Up For Your Emergency Needs.

No other supply chain can match us

Lab Supply is a proud member and supporter of The Lab Supply Alliance, an alliance of proven suppliers to the industry. We are spread out across the country and globe to serve our local and regional markets with LabDiet® and many other top brand products. Our goal is to ensure you have your supplies; and in times of troubles…service yours!

With distribution facilities strategically located throughout the US, The Laboratory Supply Alliance Network is uniquely positioned to provide a premier level of dependable services unlike any other in our industry.  We are staffed with highly skilled individuals who are all trained and educated in the research clinical standards and guidelines you expect.  Our relationships with key upstream manufacturers and suppliers keep us in focus, so we can keep your needs in the forefront.

Should you ever find yourself and your program in a time of uncertainty or a catastrophic situation, be assured your Select Supplier Distribution Network will respond.

  • We are positioned to provide feed, bedding, and more like no other supply-chain in the industry
  • We have clean, organized, and safe facility environments.
  • We are skilled professionals, trained and focused on your research standards.

To learn more visit labsupplyalliance.com

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Join us in supporting The Jerrod Adams Family Benevolent Fund.

Learn how you can support the Jarrod Adam's Benevolent Fund.

This family fund has been established to provide assistance to Jerrod’s wife Andrea and their two daughters. Our target goal is $100,000 or more in contributions from members and suppliers of the alliance group.


For more details and to make a donation today click here.