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Featured Product: LabDiet 5058

Monday, February 9th, 2015

LabDiet5058LabDiet 5058 is a great feed for mice that is now available at Lab Supply. This feed is packed with 20% protein for mouse colonies that require extra amounts of energy needed for maximum production in post-partum breeding. LabDiet 5058 is a completely irradiated feed and comes in a 4-ply packaging to ensure a virtually bacteria free feed.

This great mouse diet is formulated with the highest quality feeds and processing requirements. If you would like to view a complete nutritional profile and details on this product, please click here to visit the product page.

Featured Product: LabDiet 5053

Monday, February 9th, 2015

Irradiated Rodent Feed #rodentLab Supply is proud to provide a number of high quality feeds from LabDiet. LabDiet 5053 is a protein diet specially formulated for rat, hamster, and mouse breeding colonies. This feed is formulated to limit the genetic variability in long-term studies. LabDiet 5053 is irradiated and that means that it eliminates the need for autoclaving. It also comes packaged in a special 3-ply packaging to eliminate the exposure for bacteria. If you would like more information on this feed, please click here to view the product PDF.

February’s Featured Products: Rat and Mice Feeds

Monday, February 9th, 2015

Rodent Feeds #rodentsLab Supply carries a full array of specially formulated rat and mouse feeds for the laboratory industry.  We offer  high quality standard, certified and irradiated feed products from LabDiet as well as custom formulations from BioServ and TestDiet.  If you have questions regarding specific needs for your testing population, you can research manufacturer links here. We can also reach out to our expert nutritionists for more specialized information.

Click here to browse our extensive inventory of rat and mouse feeds as well as bedding, enrichment and special needs products.