We have 4 locations each with a warehouse – (Fort Worth, TX (25,000 square feet), Houston, TX (15,000 square feet) and Orlando, FL (15,000 square feet), and Durham, NC (20,000 square feet) – which are climate controlled with redundant HVAC systems. We constantly monitor and document temperatures to make sure that each warehouse is less than 70 degrees with 50% humidity.

We are also proactive in pest control and utilize nationally recognized companies to manage each warehouse’s pest program. Part of the program consists of control stations being placed every 20 feet along the perimeter of the warehouse.

Our closed facilities are cleaned meticulously, and all products are palletized and located at least 12” from wall. Most stock is rotated on a weekly basis. We also provide further support to our customers with custom services such as irradiation of products, analytical assays of products, and/or weekly delivery of products in our trucks for “just in time” inventory.