• P.J. Murphy Sani-Chips Bedding

Sani-Chips, a long time staple in animal bedding. This product is manufactured from superior hardwoods. Our woods come in one of two species types. The wood species are either ASPEN or a blend of BEECH, BIRCH and MAPLE. The species type will vary depending on which part of the country they are manufactured. Both varieties have the same exact specifications and characteristics. The Aspen is typically slightly brighter in color and lighter in weight. The chips are dried to 8% (+/-2%) moisture content and then screened to National Institute of Health specifications, which include a size range from 8 to 20 mesh. Our Sani-Chips are packaged in 2.2 cubic foot, auto-clavable bags. Unlike many beddings, Sani-Chips are ready for use right out of the bag.

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