TechBoardCutoutTechboard’s top layer is waffled and highly absorbent, which reduces liquid runoff and movement of fecal material. This makes it easier to remove wastes and soiled boards. Techboard also provides dust elimination, easier handling, custom sizing and is also available in heavier grades for customers who need higher absorbency.



Lab Supply is now providing an innovative combination of NestPaks & Enviro Dri called Enviropak. Enviropak’s are autoclavable and suit any type of solid bottom cage. They are also available certified and irradiated. This product is proven to be the best nesting material available, easily dispensable, and cost efficient.

Price: $87.50/box



shepardshackShepherd Shack Clear H2O Holder

The Shepherd Shack Clear H2O holder combines nutrition, hydration and enrichment all in one innovative device. This product makes the Clear H2O Gel more accessible in the cage, helps to reduce contamination from cage floor debris, and is available in Regular and Backless shacks.

Price: $65.00/box

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