Combination Bedding

enrich o cobsEnrich-o’Cobs provides the base for animal housing and promotes healthy animal activity. It also caters to the animals’ natural nesting and shelter-building instincts. Enrich-o’Cobs addresses thermoregulation concerns and promotes a healthy, clean environment.


bedocob.purocelBed-o’Cobs/Pure-o’Cel: With the addition of Pure-o’Cel’s paper squares, this bedding promotes specie specific behavior and produces healthier, less stressed animals. The precision manufacturing of 1/4″ paper squares assures consistent and reliable in-cage performance. Our larger 1/4″ paper squares offer 75% more surface area than typical squares, providing higher absorption capabilities. Bed-o’Cobs is proven to encapsulate odor-causing animal waste and neutralize the smell of ammonia.

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