Paper Bedding

Lab supply provides bedding from Shepherd Specialty Papers and Andersons Lab Bedding. These consist of:

Rodent Bedding: Paper

Rodent Bedding: Paper

ALPHA-Dri™ is the best bedding material available. It is made from alpha  cellulose and it is exceptionally absorbent and always consistent. The bright, white color aids in animal observation and it can be used as contact bedding or as a tray lining.


enrichnpure picEnrich-N’Pure: This blend of Enrich-n’Nest paper rolls and Pure-o’Cel paper  squares provides excellent opportunities for animal nesting and burrowing. It also promotes animal activity and specie specific behavior. This bedding is perfectly suited for toxicology work and GLP studies


enrichnnest picEnrich-N’Nest promotes animal activity and well-being, decreases stress, satisfies animals’ natural instincts to nest and burrow, and aids in thermoregulation. It also promotes specie specific behavior, allowing for more effective lab specimens and studies.



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