• DietGel 93M

Nutritional Information per 100g

  • Size

    2 oz (56 g) cups

  • Calories

    138.8 kcal

  • Protein

    6.7 g

  • Carbohydrates

    23.9 g

  • Sugars

    15.0 g

  • Dietary Fiber

    2.6 g

  • Fat

    2.6 g

  • Moisture


  • Unit

    Case, Pallet

Water, Corn Syrup, Molasses, Calcium Caseinate, Modified Food Starch, Cellulose, Soybean Oil, Mineral Mix, Food Acids, Hydrocolloids, Vitamin Mix, L-Cysteine, Choline Bitartrate

DietGel 93M

DietGel 93M is a complete maintenance diet containing a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Formulated with purified ingredients and modeled on the AIN 93M diet, it is flavor enhanced to promote consumption.

Delivering Solutions

  • Superior alternative to mash diets
  • Reduces time and labor
  • Recommended for aging mice, cancer models, and malocclusions

Delivering Quality

  • Sterile inside and out
  • Tyvek medical packaging
  • E-Beam irradiated
  • Purified ingredients exclude phytoestrogens and nitrosamines
  • Complies with quality standards as tested by an independent laboratory
  • Certificate of analysis by manufactured lot
  • Individually coded with lot and date of expiration

Available in:

2 oz. (56 g) Cups; IRRADIATED
92 Cups/Case

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