• Laboratory Canine Diet 5L18

Laboratory Canine Diet 5L18

LabDiet Canine diets meet the nutrient requirements of all canine species. They are formulated for use in a laboratory setting and support all life stages: growth, maintenance, gestation, and lactation. The canine diets are exposed to heat and steam during the extrusion process. This process gelatinizes starch resulting in increased nutrient bioavailability and digestibility. Our diets have been proven to provide low fecal volumes, firmer stools, good body condition, and shiny hair coats.

Laboratory Canine Diet 5L18 is formulated using our Managed Formulation Constant Nutrition system. As a result, they enabling you to conduct accurate research by minimizing nutrient variability that can sometimes be associated with fixed formulation diets. This in combination with the highest quality ingredients purchased only from approved suppliers allows us to ensure a consistent and reliable diet for your research needs.

We are here to answer any questions you may have. Lab Supply has four locations to serve you including Fort Worth, TXHouston, TXOrlando, Florida, and Durham, NC.

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