Hydro AccuMax Dilution System

Be ahead of the curve with the AccuMax, Hydro System’s flagship model in our new generation of chemical dispensers. All of the features you love are now combined in one beautifully designed dilution control dispenser. Dilution control with AccuPro Pressure Regulation Technology Systems using AccuPro Pressure Regulation Technology eliminate dilution variance. As a result, the water pressure is controlled entering into the unit. This means it never allows the dilution to “lean out” the desired dilution target. High water pressure results in improperly diluted chemicals, poor cleaning performance, and lost chemical sales. AccuPro Technology delivers accurate dilution regardless of fluctuations in water pressure.


  • 1-5 GPM flow rate options
  • New, expansive workspace to easily route tubes
  • Easy, tool-free maintenance
  • E-gap and AirGap options to satisfy regulatory standards
  • Same mounting brackets as Hydro Systems’ AccuPro and AccuDose

    Customize to your company’s colors.
    In order to serve your company’s branding needs, the AccuMax Buttons can come in a variety of standard colors:
  • Dark Blue GPCX-1200
  • Dark Green GPCX-4000
  • Dark Grey GPCX-3000
  • Yellow - Custom
  • Red - Custom

    *Contact us for more information on how to set up your custom system.

    Available in:

    1-Button Dilution, High flow carboy fill  (3.5 gpm) 1-Button Dilution, Low flow bottle fill  (1.0 gpm) 2-Button Dilution Options: 1-button @ 1-GPM (low-flow), 1-button @ 3.5 GPM (high-flow)

    We are here to answer any questions you may have. Lab Supply has four locations to serve you including Fort Worth, TX, Houston, TX, Orlando, Florida, and Durham, NC.

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