• Bed-r'Nest

Bed-r'Nest Enrichment Bedding

  • Portion Controlled - Provides consistent amount of nesting material to every cage, every time. Plus, each 8 gram Bed-r’Nest provides animals with industry recommended amount of nesting material
  • Easy To Dispense - No pulling, tearing or prepping Quick and easy to add to cage, resulting in labor savings
  • Immediately Accessible Material - With no outer shell or material to work through, Bed-r’Nest’s nesting material is immediately accessible to animals.
  • Virgin Kraft Paper - Bed-r’Nest is made of 100% virgin kraft paper, and is designed to resemble the thin strands of grass and other materials mice instinctively use to build nests in nature.
  • Virtually Dust-Free - As a virtually dust-free product, Bed-r’Nest avoids clogging air filters. Therefore it eliminates eye irritations for nude and hairless mice.
  • Cost Savings - Bed-r’Nest provides the ability to transfer the animals’ nest during cage change. This allows for use of the nest more than once. Re-using the nest through cage change transfers animals’ smells and familiarity to the new cage. As a result it reduces stress during the cage change process
  • Irradiated - Bed-r’Nest is irradiated, ensuring safe and variable-free nesting material for animals.

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