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Bed-r'Nest Enrichment BeddingPortion Controlled - Provides consistent amount of nesting materia..



Crink-l'Nest For RodentsEnvironmentally Friendly  | Manufactured from paper which is biode..


Alf-a’Cobs Odor Control Pelleted Bedding

Natural, Pelleted BeddingProvides Liquid Absorption and Odor ControlMade from 100% natural material...



Enrich-n'Nest Made from virgin white paper. Unfurling promotes enrichment and nesting. Enhanced..


LabFRESH Scoopable Litter

A Scoopable Litter With Easy CleanupGREATER ABSORBENCYSuperior absorbency of patented, clumping litt..


Pel-o’Cobs Pelleted Bedding

Pel-o’Cobs Pelleted Bedding Natural, Pelleted Bedding Provides Liquid Absorption  Pel-..



Shred-n’Rich Nesting + Enrichment aids in Thermogeulation and decreases Animal Stress PORTION CON..



A New Twist on Portion-Controlled Enrichment MaterialEnsures controlled distribution of enrichment m..


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