Lab Supply is now providing an innovative combination of NestPaks & Enviro Dri called Enviropak...


Alf-a’Cobs Odor Control Pelleted Bedding

Natural, Pelleted BeddingProvides Liquid Absorption and Odor ControlMade from 100% natural material...


ALPHA-dri Bedding

ALPHA-dri Bedding Premium Laboratory Bedding - Clean, More Absorbent, and Economical Right Out ..


ALPHA-dri Plus Bedding

ALPHA-dri Plus Bedding Eliminate the additional cost for adding nesting materials to the cage. Shep..


Biofresh Performance Bedding

Biofresh Performance Bedding Pelleted cellulose provides superior absorbency and ammonia control.&..


Cellu-nest Bedding

Shepherd Cellu-nest Bedding Shepherd Cellu-nest Bedding allows for natural burrowing and nesting be..


LabFRESH Scoopable Litter

A Scoopable Litter With Easy CleanupGREATER ABSORBENCYSuperior absorbency of patented, clumping litt..


Nepco Aspen Chip Bedding 303

Nepco Aspen Chip BeddingCompatible with all small animals, including transgenic breeds.Compatible wi..


Nepco Aspen Shavings Bedding 322

Nepco Aspen Shavings Bedding 322LABORATORY GRADE ASPEN Contact Bedding Processed from Virgin A..


Nepco Aspen Shavings Bedding Shredded 323

Nepco Aspen Shavings Bedding ShreddedContact Bedding Processed from Virgin Aspen HardwoodCompatible ..


Nepco Beta-Chip 301

Nepco Beta-Chip BeddingCompatible with all small animals, including transgenic breeds. Heat-treated..


Nepco Laboratory Grade Pine Shavings 321

Nepco Laboratory Pine Shavings 321 is compatible with all animals, including transgenic breeds.Promo..


P.J. Murphy Coarse Grade Sani-Chip Bedding

P.J. Murphy Coarse Grade Sani-Chip Bedding is the larger sized option to our original Sani-Chips. Th..


P.J. Murphy Sani-Chips Bedding

Sani-Chips, a long time staple in animal bedding. This product is manufactured from superior hardwoo..


Paperchip Bedding

Shepherd Paperchip Bedding Manufactured primarily from used newspapers and is the result of yea..


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Lab Supply is proud to provide a large selection of bedding from Nepco, P.J. Murphy, The Andersons, and Biofresh. 

Have questions? Contact us for more information on bedding.