• Alf-a’Cobs Odor Control Pelleted Bedding

    Natural, Pelleted Bedding

    Provides Liquid Absorption and Odor Control
    • Made from 100% natural material. It is completely biodegradable, virtually dust free and helps to control odors and absorb liquids.
    • Manufactured using the most absorbent portions of the corncob, Alf-a’Cobs provides superior absorption power. In fact, Alf-a’Cobs can hold greater than 5 times it’s weight in water or urine.
    • Alf-a’Cobs provides you with natural deodorizing power. With all the benefits of Pel-o’Cobs, Alf-a’Cobs also includes an alfalfa fragrance, which is added during the manufacture process. This natural scent controls ammonia levels and other odors, while the pelleted cob absorbs the odor-causing liquids themselves.
    • An economical and easily disposable by flushing or incineration.

    Packaging: 1.25 cubic foot (35 liters) bag

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