Alfalfa Stix, Certified

Alfalfa Stix, Certified Certified (Contaminant Screened)High fiber pineapple-flavored, maintenance ..


Bacon Softies, Certified

Bacon Softies, CertifiedCertified (Contaminant Screened)Soft, pelleted, nutritionally complete ..


Bacon Yummies, Certified

Certified Bacon Yummies for CaninesCertified (Contaminant Screened) Nutritionally complete 190 mg g..


Banana Chips

Banana Chips Enrichment TreatsWhole, sweetened dried banana chips100% natural human food grade produ..


Beefy Bites, Certified

Beefy Bites, CertifiedCertified (Contaminant Screened) Nutritionally fortified bite-sized trea..


Black Oil Sunflower Seeds - Sterile

Black Oil Sunflower Seeds - SterileHealthy, natural foraging treat Excellent source of omega ..


Bunny Blocks, Certified, Assorted Flavors

Bunny Blocks In Assorted Flavors, Certified Bunny Blocks are a sweet treat that has a hard..


Fruit Crunchies, Certified

Fruit Crunchies, Certified  1 kg/bagCertified (Contaminant Screened) Nutritionally complete ..


Fruity Gems, Certified

Fruity Gems, Certified Certified (Contaminant Screened)Real papaya and pineapple mini fruit-flavore..


Love Mash Rodent Reproductive Diet - Sterile

Love Mash Rodent Reproductive Diet - Sterile Love Mash is a supplemental diet specifically designed..


Mardi Gras Foraging Mix, Certified

Mardi Gras Foraging Mix, Certified Certified (Contaminant Screened A blend of papaya, peanuts,..


Mini Yogurt Drops, Certified

We regret that we are experiencing longer than usual lead times due to a manufacturing delay. Please..


Nutra-Gel Diet Purified Formula - Sterile

Nutra-Gel Diet Purified Formula - Bacon FlavorNutritionally complete purified, bacon-flavored gel di..


Primate Probiotic Tablets, SD Pro

SD Pro Primate Probiotic Tablets SD Pro is a series of live species derived origin probiotics d..


Rodent Foraging Crumbles, Certified

Rodent Foraging Crumbles, Certified Certified (Contaminant Screened) Nutritionally complete grain-..


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