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Polycarbonate Rodent Tunnels

Polycarbonate Rodent Tunnels come in a choice of red or amber-tinted tunnels. These translucent tunn..


PRANG Oral Rehydrator, Certified

PRANG Oral Rehydrator, Certified Certified (Contaminant Screened)Flavored oral rehydrator with elec..


Primate MDs Antibiotics

Primate MDs, Antibiotics Chewable, flavored, medicated tablet replaces more stressful dosing method..


Pyramid Feeder, Certified

Pyramid Feeder, CertifiedCertified (Contaminant Screened)Made of durable pure virgin nylon Use with..


Rat MDs Baytril (2 mg/Tablet)

Rat MDs Baytril (2 mg/Tablet) Baytril is an effective antibiotic drug used in a variety of species ..


Rat MDs Baytril, Rimadyl

Rat MDs Baytril, Rimadyl Baytril is an effective antibiotic drug and Rimadyl an effective anti-infl..


Rat Scratcher

The Rat Scratcher is designed to reduce stress and promote natural behavior and grooming in rats. Wi..


Rodent MDs, Rimadyl 2 mg/Tablet

Rodent MDs, Rimadyl 2 mg/Tablet Rimadyl (Carprofen) is an effective anti-inflammatory drug used in ..



Shred-n’Rich Nesting + Enrichment aids in Thermogeulation and decreases Animal Stress PORTION CON..


Single Mouse Swing

The ingenious Single Mouse Swing is a by-product of our annual Janet Wood Innovation Award, This com..


Star Puffs, Certified

Star Puffs, Certified Certified (Contaminant Screened)A low sugar, low calorie treat (< 1 kcal..


Tap-A-Treat Box

Tap-A-Treat Box Made of polycarbonate and stainless steel Special push-pin opening makes i..


Tunnel Clip

Tunnel Clip A simple design made from durable polycarbonate, allowing you to suspend the Play Tunne..



A New Twist on Portion-Controlled Enrichment MaterialEnsures controlled distribution of enrichment m..


Ultimate Turf Swine Scratcher

Ultimate Turf Swine Scratcher Made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) HDPE is known for its large..


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