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Crawl Balls, Certified

Crawl Balls, CertifiedCertified (Contaminant Screened) Made of high temp polycarbonate Provides a ..



Crink-l'Nest For RodentsEnvironmentally Friendly  | Manufactured from paper which is biode..


Crumble Disk Holder

Crumble Disk HolderMade of sturdy, 1/8" clear polycarbonate with a 2" inside diameter and stainless ..


Cyclone Chews, Certified

Cyclone Chews, CertifiedManufactured Exclusively by Bio-Serv Certified (Contaminant Screened) Ma..


DNA Flexer, Certified

DNA Flexer, Certified Certified (Contaminant Screened) Made of flexible natural rubber U..


Dumbbells, Certified

Dumbbells, Certified Made of solid polypropyleneLarge ends knobs minimize loss through cage bars an..



Enviro-dri Enrichment BeddingConsistent quality - Enviro-dri® is a controlled, manufactured product ..



Lab Supply is now providing an innovative combination of NestPaks & Enviro Dri called Enviropak...


Fat Rat Hut, Certified

Fat Rat Hut, Certified Certified (Contaminant Screened) Made of high temp polycarbonate Provides ..


Ferret Ball

Ferret Ball Made of polyethylene One piece construction, no seamsCagewasher safe Dimensions:&nb..


Flexi-Keys, Certified

Flexi-Keys, CertifiedCertified (Contaminant Screened) Polyurethane keys on a nylon ring Variet..


Fruit Crunchies, Certified

Fruit Crunchies, Certified  1 kg/bagCertified (Contaminant Screened) Nutritionally complete ..


Fruity Gems, Certified

Fruity Gems, Certified Certified (Contaminant Screened)Real papaya and pineapple mini fruit-flavore..


Goodie Bone Large, Red

Goodie Bone Large, Red Made of flexible, natural rubber Use with treats for added interestCa..


Grenade, Certified Assorted Colors

Grenade, Certified Assorted ColorsCertified (Contaminant Screened) Made of durable polyurethane ..


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Enrichment | Lab Supply
Lab Supply is proud to provide a large selection of enrichment products from The Andersons, and BioServ. 

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