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Safe Harbor Mouse Retreat Certified

Safe Harbor Mouse Retreat, Certified An innovative shelter for mice that offers life-saving refuge ..



Shepherd Shack Shepherd Shacks provide an activity center for mice to climb on. They can also be ch..


Shake-A-Treat Jr, Certified

Shake-A-Treat Jr, Certified Certified (Contaminant Screened) Made of transparent amber high temp..


Squeeze'N Toss Footballs, Certified

Squeeze'N Toss Footballs, CertifiedCertified (Contaminant Screened) Made of flexible natural rubb..


Stainless Steel Ball

Stainless Steel Ball Made of durable stainless steelFilled with sand to change rolling behaviorShin..


Stainless Steel Wire Feeder

Stainless Steel Wire Feeder Bio-Serv's Stainless Steel Wire Feeders offer a simple, safe and conven..


Super Challenger

Super Challenger Made of sturdy polyethylene and stainless steelInternal disk provides an additiona..


Super Saucer

Super Saucer Certified (Contaminant Screened) Made of polyurethane A multi-use enrichment to..


Supreme Mini-Treats, Certified

Supreme Mini-Treats, Certified  Certified (Contaminant Screened) Nutritionally complete 1 g..


Timothy Cubes, Certified

Timothy Cubes, Certified Certified (Contaminant Screened) 100% sun-cured timothy hay Steam ..



We regret that we are experiencing longer than usual lead times due to a manufacturing delay. Please..


Wood Gnawing Blocks, Certified

Wood Gnawing Blocks, Certified Certified (Contaminant Screened) Made of high-quality kiln-drie..



ALPHA Pad A revolutionary new enrichment bedding from the people who brought you ALPHA-dri® ..


ALPHA Twist Enrichment

Shepherd ALPHA Twist EnrichmentThe Premiere Rodent Enrichment and Nesting MaterialALPHA-twist™ is co..



ALPHA-Nest Introducing a Better, Cleaner, Nesting Enrichment Product Enhanced environmental enrich..


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Enrichment | Lab Supply
Lab Supply is proud to provide a large selection of enrichment products from The Andersons, and BioServ. 

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